About me

My name is Ian Hernández, I'm a Computer Systems Engineering undergraduate and software developer from Mexico, I started programming at age 17 almost by accident and I just fell in love with it.

Not so long after that I started using GNU/Linux-based operative systems as a requirement for my classes and, out of curiosity, I became a huge free and open source software enthusiast with a special love for GNOME and ArchLinux.

Then, a while ago, I decided to start some personal open source software development projects in my spare time in order to learn as much as I can from them and also get to interact and collaborate with other software developers from around the world if possible.

I mainly use and love C language to write my code.


2011 - 2016 Computer Systems Engineering
Escuela Superior de Cómputo del Instituto Politécnico Nacional.
Professional education as a Computer Systems Engineer with Cryptography and Software development as main fields of study.

August 2011 Preliminary English Test
Issued by the University of Cambridge.
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course.

Computer skills

Basic Knowledge:

JavaScript, Computer networks, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Android, Graphic User Interface Designing.

Intermediate Knowledge:

GNU Autotools, GNU Make, Bash, C++, Java, HTML, MySQL, GTK+, Vala, PHP, CSS, XML, Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Graphic User Interface Programming, LaTeX.

Advanced Knowledge:

Software Development, Programming, C, Git, GNU/Linux Distributions, Cryptography.



Native language.


CEFR Level: B1.

Interests and Activities

Software development, Programming, Cryptography, Free and Open-Source Software, GNU/Linux, GNOME, UNIX-like systems, Operative systems, Technology, Movies, TV series, Music, Reading, Bicycling, Running, Traveling, Videogames.